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Monday, January 30, 2012

A New York Morning in that Italian Mama's House: French Toast

 So, It's morning... Mr. Baby is still sleeping soundly, I'm waiting for my very own mama to come in and join me for breakfast before I go off to work.  I often wake up because I'm hungry. I mean who wouldn't be hungry when they wake up if the last thing they do before they go to sleep is read food magazines and blogs all while the Food Network is on in the background. I had visions of powdered sugar and Texas toast dancing around in my head.  Coffee is on, fry pan is heating up and the smells of lemon zest, vanilla, and warm butter are wafting through the air.  So, I have about 5 lbs of lemons on my counter and a big bag of thick cut white bread (a.k.a. Texas Toast)  and I am CRAVING a delectable plate of french toast covered in powdered sugar and slightly glazed over with Agave Syrup, before I run off to teach Pilates.  Sounds so healthy, right?  I'm a firm believer in giving into a craving as long as it's not an astronomical portion.  I don't believe in last hoorahs when it comes to healthy eating.  Then every day becomes "the last day before I start my new regime." So, if I want something... I'm eating it!
I begin with 2 eggs and 1 cup of skim milk

 Then I add about a teaspoon of vanilla (depending on how strong the vanilla you are using happens to be determines how much you put in)
I add a teaspoon of cinnamon
We then move on to zesting a small lemon 

add two teaspoons of flaked unsweetened  coconut ( I use organic because of my sulphite allergy)

 Sift in a tablespoon of powdered sugar and WHISK!!
Place on a griddle with melted butter and cook on low nice and slow so it cooks through and is evenly browned


The start to a wonderful Monday!!

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